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Three-Course Michelin Star Brunch with Chef Giancarlo Morelli

Cooking Studio
November 1711:00 a.m.
$120 per person
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Three-Course Michelin Star Brunch with Chef Giancarlo Morelli

To cap off the delicious weekend, join Michelin Star Chef Giancarlo Morelli, Executive Chef Ryan Arensdorf, and Executive Pastry Chef Jason Reaves for an intimate and indulgent brunch experience where each chef will present their own special course.

With his larger-than-life personality and unique style, Giancarlo Morelli is one of Italy’s most recognizable chefs. Meet and enjoy the food of this Michelin Star chef at our exciting Michelin Star Weekend this November 15-17, in partnership with Forever Gourmet. Chef Morelli will host a meet-and-greet, cooking class, exclusive eight-course dinner, as well as a farewell brunch.

A man with dual focus, Michelin Star Chef Giancarlo Morelli keeps one foot in centuries-old culinary tradition and one in thoroughly modern approaches to food. Morelli embodies the best of modern Italian cuisine, pushing the boundaries of technique and presentation to splendid effect. Today, Giancarlo Morelli, boasts a prestigious Michelin star award, earned in 2009, and the addition of one of his restaurants in the "Associazione Le Soste" circuit. He is also officially a member of the Euro Toques (European Community of Cooks) and belongs to the "Golfers Caterers" Association.

For reservations, please call 540.326.4070. Prices do not include tax and gratuity.

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