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Zip Lining and Team Building Activities

Take a step off the platform and zip through the tree top canopy. An experience you will truly never forget.

The history and allure of Middleburg are not lost in the woods, they are found here, high in the treetops at the Salamander Tree Top Zip Tour.  This invigorating adventure provides guests with a bird’s eye view of the historical Virginia countryside.  The Salamander Tree Top Zip Tour experience is energizing and inspiring and fulfills the basic human need for adventure.

Guided by our professional staff, the Salamander Tree Top Zip Tour experience begins and ends on the resort’s grand lawn.  Following a short walk, safety briefing and outfitting, participants enter the course with a staircase walk to the top of the Tower.  The course is comprised of a series of rope bridges and zip lines that vary in length from 90 to 670 feet in length.  While tethered to an advanced pulley system, guests glide from tree top platform to tree top platform on 5 different zip lines and 2 suspension sky bridges.  The course spans over 20 acres and is over a half mile long.

Note: The Salamander Tree Top Zip Tour program is open to the public.  Please make all reservations 24 hours in advance. Preference in scheduling will be given to resort guests.

Email For Reservations or call 540-692-ZIP1

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