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2-Hour Session • $250, 3 people max or $150, 4 or more people
4-Hour Group Session • $200 per person, 4 or more people
6-Hour Group Session • $450 per person, 4 or more people

This unique self-discovery program unites horse and human with the ultimate goal of developing extensive leadership expertise, regardless of one’s experience. Using an innovative hands-on approach, participants connect with horses while exploring relationship awareness, communication style and leadership techniques.

The key to this program is studying a horse’s ability to relate with humans and others within its herd. Participants will quickly draw the correlations between these alliances, providing the tools needed to further develop the artistry of leadership. In addition, they will gain a humble understanding and respect for these powerful, gracious animals. Equestrian Director, Sheryl Jordan, has devoted the past 40 plus years to better understanding the relationships between horses, humans, and nature, which has culminated in Equi-Spective.

For the last 20 plus years she has developed, fine-tuned, coached, and practiced this program, achieving incredible results. The multi-level hands-on interaction covers groundwork, round-pen exercises and much more. Each phase promises to equip the participant with deeper self-awareness and life changing leadership skills.

Equispective for Corporate Retreats 

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